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Custom quilting can be intricate and dense, it can be minimal, or it can be anywhere in between. I have used custom quilting on quilts of all styles, uses, and purposes and would love to work with you to find the perfect quilting for your quilt! I love working on quilts of all sizes, from small wall-hangings to King size. All of my quilting is hand-guided and completely custom, done on my domestic machine or sit-down longarm. Whether you have a vision for the quilting or are unsure of what you want, I can't wait to help bring your quilt to life!

*Price will be quoted based on estimated hours of labor.
*Turn-around time is usually a month

Custom Free-Motion Quilting

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I could easily be described as 'eclectic' in my quilting pursuits. I am an experienced free-motion quilter, love trying new (and old) art quilting techniques, and am a lover of all things quilt history. Even more than creating and studying, I love sharing my passion for each of these areas of quilting with other quilters. I would love to come teach at your guild or shop and share my experience with the quilters in your area!

 ----- Lectures-----
1hr, $400 (In-person or Zoom)

-Discovering the Story: Experiencing History Through Antique Quilts
-Representative Quilts: An Artist's Story
-Color Through the Decades

 ----- Workshops -----
Half-day, $600 - 20 participant max (In-person only)

-Focus on Free-Motion: Fillers (Beginner)
-Focus on Free-Motion: Feathers (Intermediate)
- A Step Smaller: Micro-quilting
- Discovering the Story: A Guide to Studying and Dating Antique Quilts (*must be preceded by Discovering the Story Lecture)

Lectures or Workshops

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Class Offerings

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I love making quilts that showcase the beauty of those extra special people and moments in my life. I would love to take your beloved photo and transform it into an heirloom piece of art, custom made for you and your family! Simply send me your special photo and we can talk about the different ways to recreate it in quilt form.

*Standard size is about 12"-15" and can be up to 25"x 25" for some styles
*Turn-around time is about two months
*Price will be quoted based on estimated hours of labor.

Some ideas for a custom art quilt:
Wedding Photo
Portrait of Family member/Pet
Special Scenery
Business Logo

Custom Art Quilts

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