About Stitchery Niche Quilting

Hi, I'm Shae!
I am a custom free-motion quilter, quilt artist, and quilt history enthusiast (not necessarily in that order ;) . I love teaching others about free-motion quilting and quilt history and how the contemporary quilting world intersects with that of the past. For my personal quilts, my passion lies in putting deep representation in each element of my design, using quilts to share the messages I cannot fully put into words. I often make traditional quilts, but I also love to use threadwork to create more realistic or impressionistic pieces. On a personal note, I am a passionate follower of Jesus, I love spending quality time with my friends and family, and love a good cuddle with my bunnies! 

As both a quilter and quilt historian, I love tying the past into what I create which applies to my business as well. When I first started my business I wanted it to represent how the work of quilters today is built upon that of past quilters, so I chose elements that would represent my own personal tie to that concept.

the story behind

First, I chose the name Stitchery Niche Quilting because my grandma had a sewing business called The Stitchery Niche. While I never knew this grandma, I was blessed with her unique sense of color and design which have greatly influenced my own artwork. My other grandma is the one who taught me how to make my first quilt when I was ten years old, opening the door to this amazing world of quilting for me!

The Stitchery Niche Quilting logo also has significance as it is tied to my quilting inspiration. I was first inspired to learn how to quilt by a quilt my great-great-great grandma made. My love for that quilt and the quilting process then led me to explore quilt history which quickly turned into my second and equally important passion. The block for that quilt forms the central portion of my logo as it lies at the heart of my quilting journey.

the name

the story behind

The colors of the logo also represent this quilt and my love for quilt history and its ties to my own quilting journey. Grandma Mary's quilt contains fabrics from c.1900-c.1930. One of the things that drew me to her quilt was how she was able to make the eras so easily blend together even though their colors were vastly different. Two of the main colors she used to achieve this were indigo, dating c. 1900, and teal, dating c.1930. My love for these colors and what they could represent made them an easy choice for my logo!

I love how Stitchery Niche Quilting can reflect what made me fall in love with quilting, both past and present and share my own quilting journey as well!

the colors

Putting it together

My equal love for quilting and quilt history has given me a passion for sharing the best of both worlds with my fellow quilters! I love helping quilters bring their pieces of artwork to life through custom quilting and teaching them to discover the joy of free-motion quilting for themselves! With quilt history, I have never been content to simply obtain knowledge in this field. The more I know, the more I want my fellow quilters to understand the thrill of discovering the dynamic history of their art and the continuing impact their current work will have. This has led me to teach others but also transforms the way I approach my custom quilting, as everything I create is done through the lens of my historical studies. 

Two worlds, One mission