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Custom free-motion quilting and quilt education, merging the worlds of quilting and quilt history serving Michigan and the United States. 

Hi, I'm Shae

As both a quilter and quilt historian, I love tying the past into what I create which applies to my business as well. When I first started my business I wanted it to represent how the work of quilters today is built upon that of past quilters, so I chose elements that would represent my own personal tie to that concept.

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Custom Free-Motion Quilting 

Every quilt is as unique as the quilter who made it. I love working with my customers to choose the perfect quilting designs for their quilts to make that uniqueness shine even more through custom quilting. I would love to work with you on one of your quilts! 

Lectures & Workshops 

I'm passionate about giving women the confidence and skills they need to quilt their own quilts. I love teaching others about free-motion quilting techniques with an emphasis on quilt history, as I'm fascinated with how the contemporary quilting world intersects with that of the past.

Custom Art Quilts

I love making quilts that showcase the beauty of those extra special people and moments in my life. I would love to take your beloved photo and transform it into an heirloom piece of art, custom made for you and your family!

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